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426862P Diverter Valve

426862P Diverter Valve
426862P Diverter Valve


Diverter Valve fits GWL10, GWL11, GWL15, IWL12, WA37T26 series Washers.

Easy to replace, requires just a phillips screwdriver or a 3/8" nut driver.

TECH TIP: This device uses a WAX MOTOR, not a SOLENOID. The movement is very slow and deliberate. If your washer is pumping the water out during recirculate, check this valve and make sure it is not broken at the point where the wax motor is attached to the flap. Also note- a shorted machine control can cause this valve to be energized when it should not be. Your problem may be the machine control and not the diverter. If your washer constantly recirculates the wash water and will not drain it out, you can try this: Carefully disconnect the valve electrically but leave it in place physically. Empty any remaining water from the tub. Now try the PERMANENT PRESS cycle. If the cycle completes from start to finish, the diverter valve is GOOD and you will need to replace the machine control. Call for help if you can't figure it out, we'll do the best that we can to help!

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