421306USP Control

# 421306USP
421306USP Control

Factory Replacement for obsolete part # 478089USP. Machine Control for GWL15US and WA37T series washers. IMPORTANT NOTE- PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! All machine controls are factory reconditioned. This is the only option available for this part. This is as dictated by our factory. This part is not available any longer as a "new" part. Electronic parts are NOT RETURNABLE. Comes with one 90 Day warranty.

US Washer Machine Controls

Before you order or replace the controller on your Fisher-Paykel washer, please read this article over carefully!

Machine controls are often replaced, only to fail again shortly after replacement. The reason for this is because there was an underlying condition that caused the control to fail in the first place.

Wet or shorted water pump.

Before you replace your machine control, tip the machine back and check the condition of the WATER PUMP. Look for signs of rust, leakage or seepage thru the seal, and also look for a burnt or discolored coil on the pump's motor. The pump may even smell "burnt" to you. If you install a new control in a machine with a shorted or leaky water pump, your new control will fail again, perhaps as soon as the first load of wash. If your pump is bad, it MUST be replaced along with the machine control.

Price: $193.10
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