Fisher Paykel WL37T26CW Series Washer Parts

Water inlet nozzle and elbow for EcoSmart Washers. Replaces old Nozzle part # 420143 and Elbow # 425974P which are no longer available as separate items. The nozzle may appear different than your original nozzle. This is the most current nozzle from the factory and previous design is obsolete.

424348P Fisher Paykel Washer RPS Sensor Kit. Replaces obsolete 420776P. Includes instructions and updated wiring harness assembly. Typically required when fault code 130 or 131 is generated. RPS Sensor for following model series: GWL15US WL37CW WL37T26DW WA37T26DW IWL16 WL26CW NOTE! This part will NOT fit GWL11 and earlier series.
479417 Smart Pump. Includes tub-to-pump seal. Complete assembly.
478070P Replacement lid for GWL11/15/IWL12/WA37T26/WL26CW Washers. Replaces obsolete #426796P
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