Fisher Paykel GWL15US Washer Parts. If you need to locate part numbers, please download the parts breakdown manual for the GWL15 here:


420807 Control Panel overlay for Model 11 and 15 US washers.
Complete drain hose and harness assembly

Water inlet nozzle and elbow for EcoSmart Washers. Replaces old Nozzle part # 420143 and Elbow # 425974P which are no longer available as separate items. The nozzle may appear different than your original nozzle. This is the most current nozzle from the factory and previous design is obsolete.

420952P Tub Support Rods for GWL10/11/15/IWL12/WA37T26. Includes all 4 rods. Spring and shock for tub support. Replaces obsolete part # 426750P. If you would like to purchase just a single rod assembly, we offer them under part #420952P-S
420952P Tub Support Rod for GWL10/11/15/IWL12/WA37T26. Replaces obsolete part # 426750P. Single Rod assembly includes rod, spring, base and corner mount. NOTE: Factory sells as set of 4 and they should be replaced as a set, however we offer them individually due to customer request.
Display Module kit for GWL11 GWL15US Washers. Includes #4 and #5 as shown in diagram. NOTE! In order to install this part, Overlay Decal Part #420807 is required, as overlay must be peeled off to replace this part. This part supercedes old numbers 420090P , 426819 , 420807
421177P Water Inlet Valve for GWL15US/WA37T26/IWL16 Replaces old part numbers 420753P and 421029P

NOTE! Part number 478089USP control has been superceeded by this part # 421306USP.

Factory replacement for obsolete part #478089USP. Machine Control for GWL15US and WA37T series washers. IMPORTANT NOTE- PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! All machine controls are factory reconditioned. This is the only option available for this part. This is as dictated by our factory. This part is not available any longer as a "new" part. Electronic parts are NOT RETURNABLE. Comes with one year full  warranty.

US Washer Machine Controls

Before you order or replace the controller on your Fisher-Paykel washer, please read this article over carefully!

Machine controls are often replaced, only to fail again shortly after replacement. The reason for this is because there was an underlying condition that caused the control to fail in the first place.

Wet or shorted water pump.

Before you replace your machine control, tip the machine back and check the condition of the WATER PUMP. Look for signs of rust, leakage or seepage thru the seal, and also look for a burnt or discolored coil on the pump's motor. The pump may even smell "burnt" to you. If you install a new control in a machine with a shorted or leaky water pump, your new control will fail again, perhaps as soon as the first load of wash. If your pump is bad, it MUST be replaced along with the machine control.

424348P Fisher Paykel Washer RPS Sensor Kit. Replaces obsolete 420776P. Includes instructions and updated wiring harness assembly. Typically required when fault code 130 or 131 is generated. RPS Sensor for following model series: GWL15US WL37CW WL37T26DW WA37T26DW IWL16 WL26CW NOTE! This part will NOT fit GWL11 and earlier series.

GWL08/10/11/15/IWL12/IWL16/WA37T26 Models. Does not include Fabric Softener Dispenser. Easy to change, requires no tools and takes all of 2 minutes to complete the job. Don't pay an expensive service call, order today and do it yourself!

Direct replacement for 478083P (Obsolete part number)

$114.44  SALE!  $78.31 
426695 Pump Outlet Hose
Tub collar assembly for GWL10 GWL11 GWL15 IWL12 WA37T26GW Includes Counter-balance spring and retainer clip.
Diverter Valve fits GWL10, GWL11, GWL15, IWL12, WA37T26 series Washers.
Fabric Softener Dispenser for US washers. Fits on top of agitator.
478070P Replacement lid for GWL11/15/IWL12/WA37T26/WL26CW Washers. Replaces obsolete #426796P
Thermistor and Seal assembly , includes grommet and wiring harness.
479595 Fisher Paykel Washer Pump. Fits GWL11 IWL12 IWL15 GWL15 IWL16 WA37T26GW WA37T26EW WA42T26GW. Replaces obsolete 420325P. Includes detailed instructions. DOES NOT WORK ON GWL10 SERIES!! USE part # 420324P for the GWL10
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