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Browse our selection of Fisher Paykel Smartload Dryer Parts. Most "Smartload" (Top load) dryers take the same functional parts. We stock most common items for the Smartload units. Don't see what you need?  Just ask us! We can get it direct from the factory.

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DE1X2US Smartload Dryer Parts
DEGX1US Smartload Dryer Parts
DEGX2US Smartload Dryer Parts
DE62T27D Smartload Dryer Parts
DGGX1US Smartload Dryer Parts
DGGX2US Smartload Dryer Parts
Lint Filter Retainer for Smarltoad Dryers. Item #14 as shown in diagram.
395191 Fisher Paykel Dryer Thermostat Manual Reset. Genuine Fisher Paykel factory replacement part. Fits Fisher Paykel models: DG27CW1, DG62T27CW1, DG62T27CW2, DG62T27DW1, DG62T27DW2, DG62T27GW1, DG62T27GW2, DGGX1, DGGX2, DGGX2, DGIX2.
Replacement lint screen for Smartload Dryers.
$329.02  SALE!  $277.79 
Drum belt for Smartload Dryers
395188P Silicon Carbide ignitor for Smartload Gas dryers.
Fisher Paykel 395579 Jockey Pulley Kit Idler/tensioner pulley kit for top load dryers. Includes all parts shown.
Electronic Control Module for Electric Heat Smartload Dryers.
479332 Drum Bearing kit for all Fisher Paykel top-load dryers. Includes detailed instructions. Requires METRIC allen wrench for removal. Common wear item.
Complete Motor assembly. Includes 395034 Blower Assembly and Wire Harness.
Replacement lint bucket for Smartload dryers.

395034 Blower Fan fits Smartload Dryers

395432 Duct Outlet Seal for Smartload Dryers
395560P Drum Bearing Assembly for Smartload Dryers. Item #8 as shown in diagram. This part fits on the lint filter side of the drum. This is not the bearing on the RIGHT side!
Lid assembly for Smartload Dryers.
395526P Buffer Door Drum
Lint Scraper for Smartload Dryer
Natural Gas to LP conversion Kit
Drum Door Assembly for Smartload Dryers
Display Unit DX1. Replaces 395124p
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