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WT50 Dual Air Gap Kit

WT50 Dual Air Gap Kit
WT50 Dual Air Gap Kit


Required for proper draining on Fisher-Paykel Double-Dish Drawers. Provides totally separate draining for each drawer. Eliminates "cross draining" problems PERMANENTLY! Replaces single air gap perfectly and allows your double-dish drawer to function like it should. Fits in the same hole as the single air gap, and accepts most custom decorative caps as well, so it will provide a seamless and permanent solution that matches the existing kitchen decor perfectly. Most Double Drawers are improperly installed with a single air gap. This is the solution to repeated visits for service and poor wash results. Order today! You'll feel like you have a new machine after you install this device in your kitchen. It's that good.

Includes air gap, chrome cap, 4 clamps and two coupler sleeves for connecting the Fisher Paykel corrugated drain hoses to the air gap. NOTE: You can usually snap your existing cap onto the dual air gap if yours is a special color such as bisque, pewter, white, etc.

Are you experiencing cross-draining problems with your older Fisher Paykel double dish drawer?

What exactly is "cross draining"?
Ever wondered why sometimes, after running one of your dishdrawers by itself, you find dirty, smelly water sitting in the other drawer, even though you haven't used it and it WAS empty the last time you ran it?  Instead of the dirty water from the wash cycles going down the drain where it should be, some of that dirty water goes into the other drawer, where it sits until you discover it or it fills up so high that it spills out of the drawer vent and causes an "F1" fault code and makes a mess on your kitchen floor.

Have you had a succession of technicians and service companies try to solve this problem, only to have it return again? There is a reason this is happening to you, and there is a way to fix it FOREVER.

In most cases, this problem can be traced to an improper installation. Fisher Paykel double-dishdrawers are in effect TWO dishwashers with two separate drain hoses. Often times they are installed with an "air gap" which is required by many municipalities for code compliance. Installers who are used to installing "single" dishwashers often install a "single air gap" with a Y-adapter that connects both drawers to a single air gap, and to be fair, this is shown in the install instructions for the product. However it will usually not work for very long. The reason being, there is a small neoprene "check valve" in the base of the pump on both drawers. It is designed to keep the water from the last drain cycle from running back into the machine once the cycle stops. It was never designed to prevent the cross-drain condition. Over time the pressure from the water that wants to come from the other drawer will weaken that flap, causing it to "leak" and the result is when one drawer is run, the dirty water from one drawer drains partly into the other drawer. (YUCK!) Most techs will replace the flap, thinking they have solved the problem, and for awhile, yes, it will.

But this can get kind of expensive having to call for repairs every year or so.

The proper and permanent solution is to install a "Dual Air Gap" in place of the single unit. This device is totally "co-axial" in design and will not allow water from one drawer to get into the other, EVER. It also is "kosher" in that some Jewish families have a "meat" and "dairy" dishwasher and the two can never be mixed. If there is cross-draining going on, that is "not Kosher!" (pun yes, reality also!) This part will insure no cross-contamination.
These dual air gaps come with everything you need to replace a single air gap, a

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