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420094USP Machine Control GWL11US IWL12

420094USP Machine Control GWL11US IWL12
420094USP Machine Control GWL11US IWL12


Machine Control for GWL11US and IWL12US washers. The replacement for this item may vary in appearance from your original. Please follow enclosed instructions carefully.

 IMPORTANT NOTE- PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! All machine controls are factory reconditioned. This is the only option available for this part. This is as dictated by our factory. This part is not available any longer as a "new" part. Electronic parts are NOT RETURNABLE. All controls carry a 90 day replacement warranty.

US Washer Machine Controls
Before you order or replace the controller on your Fisher-Paykel washer, please read this article over carefully!

Machine controls are often replaced, only to fail again shortly after replacement. The reason for this is because there was an underlying condition that caused the control to fail in the first place. The two most common reasons for a blown machine control:

  • Wet or shorted water pump.

     Before you replace your machine control, tip the machine back and check the condition of the WATER PUMP. Look for signs of rust, leakage or seepage thru the seal, and also look for a burnt or discolored coil on the pump's motor. The pump may even smell "burnt" to you. If you install a new control in a machine with a shorted or leaky water pump, your new control will fail again, perhaps as soon as the first load of wash. If your pump is bad, it MUST be replaced along with the machine control.
  • Leaky Thermistor Seal

    Another reason for control failure is leakage around the thermistor seal. When the washer fills, the machine control is reading the temperature of the incoming water via a thermistor. The thermistor has a small grommet, or seal, which keeps water from leaking out of the mixing chamber. Over time, this seal will become hard or cracked and will "seep" a small amount of water each time the machine is used. In some instances, water pools up in the "pan" where the machine control sits. You can guess what happens if the water gets into the control box and contacts the board.  See the diagram below for a visual explanation. This condition is usually easy to spot, as your control may still be wet when you begin the process of replacing it. In any case, if you order a machine control from our website, we include this grommet free of charge and it should be replaced no matter what.

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