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Fisher-Paykel Ecosmart, AeroSmart and AquaSmart Washer Parts

PLEASE NOTE! We have installed a new and better cart system on this website. If you are seeing this page, you must have followed a link or an old search result. We have left these pages active to avoid "broken links". While you can still order off this page, the new system should be used whenever possible. For taking the time to read this text, we offer you a discount coupon good for $5.00 off your order. Simply type "OLDCART" in the "promotional code" box at checkout! (this is only good on our new cart system) Click the link below to visit the Washer Parts section of our new cart system CLICK HERE FOR NEW WASHER PARTS SECTION

420324P Water Pump 220V

420324P 230 Volt electric Water Pump for Fisher-Paykel GWL10US models. This is a special part that will only work in model 10 washers. Installing this part in a GWL11 or 15 will damage the control. Be sure to order the proper pump!

Regular $119.00

420325P Water Pump 120V

420325P 120 Volt Water Pump for GWL11US, GWL15US, IWL12. NOTE: WILL NOT WORK on GWL10 Series! Order 420324P 230 Volt Pump for these models!

Regular $119.50

426862P Diverter Valve GWL10/11/15

426862P Diverter Valve fits GWL10, GWL11, GWL15, IWL12 series Washers.

Regular $39.95

420952P Tub Support Rod Kit

Tub Support Rods for GWL10/11/15/IWL12.

Regular $79.15

420238P Cold Water Valve

420238P Cold Water Inlet valve for GWL1/IWL12 Washers.

Regular $52.50

420094USP GWL11US Machine Controller

Machine Control for GWL11US washers.

Regular $189.95

420143 Water Inlet Nozzle Assembly

420143 Water inlet nozzle for GWL10, GWL11 and IWL12 Ecosmart Washers.

Regular $39.95
Sale Price 24.95

420237P Hot Water Inlet Valve

420237P Replacement Hot Water Valve for GWL11IWL12 US Washers

Regular $38.50

420296P RPS Sensor

420296P Rotor Position Sensor for GWL 10/11/12 Series Washers

Regular $42.20

420323 Out-Of-Balance Switch kit

Fits GWL10 US Washers. Includes wiring harness.

Regular $29.95

420807 Control Panel Overlay GWL11/15US Washers

420807 Control Panel overlay for Model 11 and 15 US washers.

Regular $46.95
Sale Price 39.95

425974P Water Inlet Elbow

426974P Inlet elbow for GWL10/11/15 US Washers.

Regular $17.49

426695 Pump Outlet Hose

426695 Pump Outlet Hose

Regular $21.87

426796P Washer Lid

426796P Replacement lid for GWL11/15/IWL12 Washers.

Regular $87.08

478083P Agitator GWL10/11/15/IWL12

Agitator for GWL10/11/15/IWL12

Regular $71.50

Lid Lock Assembly

420429 Lid Lock assembly for GWL11US Model washers. Includes wiring harness.

Regular $56.95

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