Fisher Paykel DD602 and DS602 Dishdrawer Parts.
525878P Lid Seal for DS/DD601 DS/DD602 Dishdrawers. WILL NOT FIT dd603-up Models! This is the inflatable seal found on the older model dishdrawers.
525893 Tub Home Switch for 601 and 602 series dishdrawers.
Base filter plate for Dishdrawers. Replace your cruddy original and restore proper cleaning action. Replacement for obsolete part 525882 Does not fit model DD/DS605.

Replacement wash arm for dishdrawers.


Drop-in replacement for DD/DS602 and DD/DS603 models. WILL NOT FIT DD605 MODELS! This part may vary in color from original and is the only replacement available from Fisher Paykel. REPLACES OBSOLETE 525884P
Required for proper draining on Fisher-Paykel Double-Dish Drawers. Provides totally separate draining for each drawer. Eliminates "cross draining" problems PERMANENTLY!
Dual water inlet valve for dishdrawers. Fits DD601/602/603/605 Series Models. Replacement for obsolete #522146 Includes both solenoids and valve body.
526860 Fisher Paykel Dishwasher Detergent/Rinse Agent dispenser. Fits models DS602 DD602 DS603 DD603 DS605 DD605 DS24 DD24. Complete kit, easy to change. Includes dispenser, cap and all the solenoids.Your old unit may look different in the back, this is the correct and only replacement for this item. VERY old models had different connectors on the dispenser solenoids, we will supply the adapter harness if you need it.
527137 Replacement drain hose kit for DD/DS602/603 Series Dishdrawers. Does not include flap valve, which is sold separately. This is a SINGLE hose kit. Order 2 for double drawers is you wish to replace both hoses.
Replacement flapper valve kit for DD/DS601/602/603 Dish Drawers. Includes two flaps.
526345 Trap Door DD/DS603 fits under silverware basket.
527700 Heater Plate Kit for DD602 and DS602 Dishdrawers. Includes seals.
$160.99  SALE!  $129.96 
Tub Release Clip LH side. This is the clip at the very end of the drawer rail. Located on the left side as you face the machine.
Drain connector for double-dishdrawer. Replaces part #525925 which is an obsolete part number.
Drain Hose Extender kit for 603 Series
Drain Hose Joiner kit for dishwasher hoses. Includes one hose joiner and two clamps. Fits drain hose on models DD/DS601, DD/DS602, DD/DS603
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